Glimmer & Sway offers project management services, specializing in setting up new businesses for success and analyzing established businesses for process improvement.  As a passionate creator of experiences, G&S also offers consultations on interior design and lifestyle, as well as planning the occasional fabulous party.  Read on below to learn more and select the creative solutions you seek.


Project management

Elizabeth at Glimmer & Sway is your Jane-of-all-Trades for business planning, management and optimization.  Hire her for projects ranging from a few days' consultation to months of support and planning.  

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Decor Consultations

As a decor and spiritual space enthusiast, Elizabeth at Glimmer & Sway offers an affordable solution for your interior design needs.  Work with Elizabeth, your best-DIY-buddy, to develop a game plan for home improvement and a look that's all yours!

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At Glimmer & Sway, we know how to party!  Elizabeth at Glimmer & Sway is available to plan that perfect dinner gathering or special  celebration.  Her past events have included private dinners, weddings, adult birthday parties and dance parties for 100+ guests.